Transformation is within...
All you need are the tools to open the door.

Prosperity - Harmony - Sustainability

Business Environment

The business environment is charged with both positive and negative aspects. Whether you are the owner, manger or front office receptionist, it all comes down to interpersonal relations. It is important to understand how to maximise the positive while skillfully handling those potentially critical flash point situations and the people involved.

We train you how to stay centered, calm, open minded and clear with your decisions in all situations. Inter personal relations with customers or coworkers is critical to success.

We may not know your bottom line financials, but we can map out together an environment that attracts success, prosperity and a work environment that is uplifting. When you enjoy your work environment, making money becomes effortless and easier.

Understanding your office Dynamic

In the far east spacial orientation takes priority in any business. They refer it to Vastu Shastra or Feung Shui. We come out to your place of business and analyse the layout of your floor plans. We asses what aspects are contributing to the success or potential failure of your company. In addition we also review the placement of staff within your location to assure that the “right people” are sitting in the correct orientation to maximize their job potential.

The CEO, sales force, accountant are all interconnected. Each staff member has a critical relationship to the head of its organization. People placement is critical to a harmonious and cooperative work environment.


How you communicate is often more important than the actual content. We work with you to discover more effective and essential communication skills so that you can more effectively create greater overall wellbeing in your role.

We assist you to learn how best to use communication to get your targeted goals achieved, while empowering coworkers to be inspired to come to work.

Lead by Example

When you change yourself, others immediately take note and adjust to that change. It’s as simple as that; however, it takes a process of training to recognize these subtleties and respond to it. Changes comes from within. It is about working with your new found energy you have created for yourself, then implementing it in a responsive way.

Corporate Transformation

A Leadership Shift

Whether your are an executive CEO, CFO, COO or senior manager, the principles of success are the same. You want an environment that is vibrant, nurturing and thriving. Once these values are implemented within an organization, there is a shift from a “survival” mindset to a more productive “thriving” vision within company.

No longer can a company solely rely on the financial “bottom line” in order to compete. Executives in charge of “leading a company” are faced with a new set of standards, principles of operating in a digitally global market. The employee culture has changed and how they participate is crucial to reaching the company’s mission.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company, its executives and the core values by which it exists, simply by its mission statement. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does. Similarly the mission statement tells everyone the typle of people it wants to join the organization.

Company policies – Are particularly important to your business because it gives the framework and states your expectations to your employees. It really tells them what is valued and ground rules for working in your company.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. Leading by example speaks louder than anything else. Words are great, but people watch how executives project their core values.