Power Journey

Transformation is within...
All you need are the tools to open the door.

2021 Power Journey - India

A Spiritual Adventure

Setting Intention

These spiritual journeys are designed to open you to receive highest divine vibrations and grow your soul.

The tour is designed to deepen your personal spiritual practices no matter path you are practicing. 

Preparing for the trip

I the process of preparation for the journey we will have several video conference calls with everyone who will traveling together. In advance we will discuss the details of the places we will visit plus the practices of meditation we will be engaging in to deepen our inner experience.

Seasoned & Professional Organizers

I lived in India for 14 years. I was one of the main people who responsible for arranging and executing plans for a smooth organized experience.

Traveling to India is a long plane ride. Knowing how tired you are and intense the experience could be, we will be arranging all aspects of the trip so that you can focus on the experience of this journey.

We arrange all travel within India. From experienced drivers, to booking your airline tickets inside India, your hotels and accomodations so that you can focus on the journey. 


These tours take place each year to go to high spiritual destinations. This time is super charged time because we are linking with the time cycle of Guru Purnima which is one of the highest spiritual times during the year where the full moon is at its fullest.

The total cost during this journey is $3,500 USD. Your responsibility is to arrange your flight in-out of India. You must have a current passport & visa.

This covers airline flights, cars to all destinations, all hotel accommodations (nice places), temple entries, tips and course fees during this period.

Personal shopping, individual purchases and additional personal activities are on you.

Most of your meals are covered for the group, except if you choose separate timings or choice of food. 

Health & Wellbeing

Everyone is required to purchase their own travel insurance. While we don’t expect anything out of the ordinary to occur, we want all participants to be well prepared from all angles.
India is a diverse and culturally rich country. But like any new place with different foods, spices and culture it takes time to adjust to new vibrations.

Post Trip

Even after the trip we will stay connected and spend several video conference calls to share the experience together. 

Often (and I mean every time) the experience is so profound that it will take you literally months to digest and  integrate this journey.
We know this from past experiences and journeys. As part of the whole experience, we want to support that period after the trip for all our participants. There is so much that goes on during the trip and we feel that the post journey is as important as the actual trip itself.

You will change and it may take time to really fully understand it and be able to articulate the inner shift that has occured. 


Past India Journeys

Enjoy the Journey with our groups we have taken in the past.