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All you need are the tools to open the door.

About Paul


During my 14 years living in India, I studied with the great Vastu master Sri Kaleshwar. He was an amazing teacher of this science. I was trained extensively by him to understand its deeper structure so that I could teach and share it with others. 

During this time I traveled with him and drove thousands of miles to visit people’s houses and watched him  giving consultations. It was an invaluable experience to participate and learned everything from his technique.

I will say that I live by these principles because I tested them myself. My property is based on it and my success is a testament of this science. 

Personal Consultations

I make myself available to people who want to change their lives. I have literally worked with hundreds of people, where I have visited their homes and offices. With all my clients that have implemented these changes, all have received amazing positive results.

If you want to meet with me and review your home or office, send me an email. I will respond and request you send specific information to me. Once I have made an initial analysis, I will set up a time to actually visit your home.


The first consultation is free. Generally we will talk about what is happening and for how long. From there before any work is done I will give you a written estimate of what the services will take to determine the root causes and outline several layers of potential solutions. 

If there are recommendations or “fixes” that may require actual physical changes, we will discuss it. If there are changes we will first discuss it and eventually you have to make the final decision what is the most cost effective strategy.

Vastu Science

What is Vastu

Vastu is a Vedic Science that explains how the power of the 5 elements
influence your living/working spacial environment. There are both positive and negative aspects affecting the space of where you live/work. Vastu attempts to increase the positive and mitigate the negative influences affecting you.


These are the elements which are subtly working within your spacial
environment. Each element is optimally located within 5 quadrants of your house. For example the kitchen should primarily located in the Southeast
portion of you house.When it is not, that element can cause unnecessary
disturbance in your life.

Your Floor Plan

When creative energy is flowing in your house, there is abundance and harmony. It means that the elements there are in their proper alignment. Your floor plan should be studied and solutions should be made so that your environment supports you in all aspects of your life.

Vastu Consultation Process


First Visit

First we talk about your space and you will send me a floor plan. Once I study it we will schedule a time to visit you in your environment so that I can view it first hand.

Understanding Your Space

Within a span of time the effects on your life
related to your spacial plan become evident.



Determine Defects

Once we can identify what are the defects, it
becomes clear where we need to implement fixes.

Finding Solutions

Finding solutions together is part of the plan. I will present options and discuss what will work for you both for the short and long term.



Change Your Life

I will say that thru vastu you can change your karma if you follow it. In fact most people don’t know how having the 5 elements in alignment will support you in every aspect of your life.

Ask Questions

If you are interested and have any questions just send me an email.


Free Initial Consultation​


Send a clear floor plan drawing with measurements of all walls to


Label all rooms within your house plan.


Make sure you indicate TRUE NORTH direction on your floor plan. Use Google Maps if you have any doubt. True north is not magnetic north.
Use the app.


Send your address along with the floor plan so we can also look at surrounding environment.


This is only an initial Free consultation and not a full assessment and can only be determined based on the clarity and accuracy of your drawings and measurements.


A full consultation is a separate pricing structure see below.

Vastu Premier Service


This is services based on accurate drawings and dimensions provided. This is not an in home service and considers the layout and floor plan of your home or office. If it is determined that in order to do a complete visual assesment, it will be presented as such and the client can determine if these additional requirements are required. Additional costs for travel may apply.